Headspace Headdresses – Company Spotlight

I wanted use this blog to talk about a few companies I've discovered over my years of festivalling. I'm not one to focus hugely on fashion at festivals, but I do love wearing outfits I wouldn't in "normal life", and throwing glitter on every morning (usually to cover the bags under my eyes from the big [...]

Two happy Oxfam Stewards in the sunshine at Shambala festival stewarding volunteers volunteering

Oxfam Festival Stewarding

In 2012 I decided to experience a festival in a different way. I'd always seen the bright orange tabards of the Oxfam stewards when I had attended as a ticket holder; they were always so friendly with big smiles and some even had glitter on their faces. So when I couldn't persuade any of my [...]

Glastonbury official map segment camping grounds stages campervan fields

Glastonbury Campsites: the break down

Choosing a campsite at Glastonbury can be daunting, as the site is so big, and if you've never been before it's very difficult to plan ahead just using the map! Arriving can also be quite stressful, as you're attempting to navigate whilst carrying a lot of gear. I've listed some of the main areas below, and [...]