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I’ve been a fan of Dust And Dance since the beginning of 2016 when a friend from Bristol sent me the link to their website. They were one of the first independent brands I came across selling unique chunky glitter mixes in 3g pots, that are also vegan & cruelty-free! They’ve grown a lot these past 18 months, and now are collaborating with festival giant Bestival to release a special range of glitters. I spoke to Claire Sankey, the lovely lady behind D and D about how it all started, and this new exciting range for Bestival which is all about colour!



Hi Claire! Tell me a little about yourself, and why you started Dust And Dance?

I’m a 28 year old glitter addict who loves to dress up, get creative and make a mess. Dust & Dance started as an idea at the end of 2015 when I realised there was nowhere you could easily buy decent chunky glitter from. I wanted it and my friends wanted it so I assumed everyone else wanted it too and turns out I was quite right as it’s been really bloomin popular! Dust & Dance is all about helping people to let loose with the spaces on their faces and bodies, being confident to be a bit bonkers and being accessible and open to everyone – that’s why its cheap and cheerful, and why I don’t use professional models – Dust & Dance is made by and for real people, and most of the images you see me using online are of the Dust & Dancers (that’s the customers! It’s a brand for everyone which has been shaped by everyone who Dusts & Dances) . It’s not just about looking good but about feeling great too – that’s why 10% of the profits from each glitter pot sold is donated to YoungMinds, the voice for young people’s mental health & wellbeing, so when you Dust & Dance you might help someone get their sparkle back.


What was your first ever festival? And do you have a favourite UK festival memory?

My first ever festival was Wireless when I was 15 or 16. I crowd surfed for the first time to Kasabian. It was when big baggy trousers were in fashion and by the time I was picked up off the floor at the front by the bouncers after being deposited by the crowd over the front railings, my trousers were round my ankles and my bum was hanging out!

My best ever festival moment was at SW4 in 2014 when I managed to blag myself backstage through a friend, he hurried me up some steps when no-one was looking where I found myself on stage with Pete Tong looking out over a crowd of 10,000 people. For a few minutes I pretended I was an international superstar DJ!

Me wearing all my Dust and Dance glitters and various festivals

Me rocking my Dust & Dance glitters! Left: The Lion Tamer, Middle: Mermaid Mix, Right: new Disco Flashback Bestival glitter

Tell me more about your collaboration with Bestival!

I was so so excited when Bestival contacted me to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them – Bestival are like the coolest and one of the longest running and most established festivals so I was totally over the moon. I love everything they stand for – all of the dressing up, all of their messaging, increasing the peace, sharing the love. It’s the perfect year for glitter as the theme is colour – and the range is super colourful! I’m also really excited about the relocation to Lulworth in Dorset. I grew up not far from the South Coast and love this part of the world! It’s been so amazing to work with them and I can’t wait to get to Bestival – the countdown is on until the 7th September!!

The full Bestival glitter collection from Dust and Dance

The Bestival Collection, L > R: Summer of Love, Ambient Radiance, Love Shower, Disco Flashback & Confetti Cascade

The collection includes:

  • Summer of Love: Big, bright, beautiful daisies to add some flower power to your fancy dress
  • Ambient Radiance: Inspired by the Ambient Forest (an area at Bestival) it magically changes colour as you look at it from shimmering forest green to night sky blue
  • Love Shower: Take a Love Shower in the super holographic pink sweetheart – mixed with best-selling “The Magician” for extra magic
  • Disco Flashback: A kaleidoscopic hark back to the disco era – Disco Flashback has all the love, funk and soul to make you pop with colour!
  • Confetti Cascade: Super spicy, vibrant, hot pot of lively matte colours!

Dust and Dance glitter pots are only £3.50 each (plus p&p) and are sold directly from Claire has been lovely and given me a 10% discount (when you spend over £5) to share with you all! Just head to the checkout and enter code WHERESMYTENT

Bestival x Dust and Dance blue stamp logo

Looking suave in front of the main stage at Bestival 2014

My friends and I looking suave in front of the main stage at Bestival 2014 (photo by James Bridle)


Impromptu giant group pic with the world’s biggest disco ball. More people just kept jumping in!

Want to know more about Bestival?

Firstly, how about you watch my Bestival 2015 video here?

Some of my absolute favourite festival memories have been at Bestival. I’ve been four times, between 2011 and 2015, and the atmosphere there is one of a kind. Kids, teens and adults will all have an incredible time with some of the biggest acts. This year sees the festival move off the Isle of Wight and onto the mainland at Lulworth Estate in Dorset, and although the IOW has happy memories for me, it also used to mean the journey onto and off of the island was incredibly difficult by car and by foot. Ferry companies increased their prices during the festival, and the trip across the sea added hours of queuing on to your journey time. A new location means a new era for Bestival, and Lulworth is the perfect place for the festival’s new home. The line up this year includes giants such as The XX, Pet Shop Boys, Dizzee Rascal, A Tribe Called Quest, and Justice, and I’m sure Rob Da Bank and his team will be pulling out all the stops to make this the best one yet.

Montage photos giant Bestival sign huge robot peace festival captains hat friends

Check out the Bestival website here

And then click here to buy tickets to the biggest party at the end of the UK festival season!

My friends and I at the main stage of Bestival 2014


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