Boomtown Fair – Be a Part of the Story! – Costume Shop Launched

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Boomtown Fair is so unique, it’s incomparable, but I like to try and explain it to people by saying it’s a music festival (focused on ska, reggae, dub, drum n bass, and electronic), mingled with the immersive-ness of Secret Cinema. If you read my post on 5 Tips for a Boomtown Fair First-Timer, I tried to get across the sense of just how crazy the build of this festival is; with actors in every district, secret venues, secret bars, a storyline you can follow to take you on adventures… It’s wild!

And this year they’ve gone even bigger by having their own Costume Shop, so you can have a made-to-measure incredible custom outfit to allow you to get even deeper involved in the story line.

A red haired lady wearing red body suit, white neck ruffle and white bustle surrounded by red luxurious curtains and feather in her hair. For the Boomtown Fair festival Costume Shop

Boomtown say this about their new fancy dress shop:

Boomtown is a creative wonderland brought to life for but a few days as a mystical city inhabited by a diverse and colourful host of characters who make up this bizarre creative community. We encourage all our visitors to play their part and become a citizen in their own right. A veritable nation of makers, designers, producers and artists all give everything they have got to make this happen and none more so than a myriad of costumiers who help create the beings who inhabit this heady other world.

The Costume Shop gives visitors the chance to draw on the expertise of these crafty creatives and have something special made to bring them in world and be a part of the story.

Three models sat on stools wearing brightly coloured catsuit and headpieces

Let’s start by taking a look at the different themes:


The Boomtown Fair Costume Shop Themes:

Bohemian Circus

A man and a women wearing matching monochrome sleeveless catsuits with diamond patterns on them, and neck ruffs, also a man in a pink waistcoat and bloomers

Bohemian Circus is kind of where it all began way back when the Circus rolled into town, it’s always showtime at Boomtown so prepare to get bedazzled and step into the spotlight for a spectacular weekend.


The Metropolis theme is bright bold prints, so we have a lady in a blue, purple and green catsuit and a fan headdress, and a man wearing a shiny gold and orange catsuit with large paradise collar and sunglasses. Boomtown Fair Costume Shop!

The future is unwritten! As worlds collide and tech meets nature in an attempt to avoid environmental catastrophe, all manner of enhancements and armageddon proof party wear is yours for the choosing! Its time to save the world, but first we have to save ourselves!

These colourful revolutionaries are wearing scarf masks, goggles, top hats and one piece catsuits. One is in all royal blue, and one in all hot pink.

Who were those dark clad masked rebels? No one knows! But now the revolution is rainbow with a colour colliding plethora of revolutionary dancers to choose from, join the technicolour troupe and power lunge your way to a brighter day!

The first step is therefore… Create Your Own Character!

As always, Boomtown citizens are invited to join the city as a resident of one of their many districts… Will you choose to run away with the bohemian circus of Oldtown, relax in the leisure facilities of the new Paradise Heights complex, join the underground punk resistance in Diss-order Alley or step into the dystopian future of DSTRKT 5….?

An orange velvet bodysuit with yellow fringing on a gorgeous black model who's wearing a chain headpiece too, and a pink top hot with goggle and big feathers

I’ve got my eye on this bodysuit and top hat! I’m hoping I can buy them in time for the festival! (sadly have to wait til payday!) – I’ve fallen in love!

One thing I must stress about these, I know at first glance one might think the prices are a little high, but these are each handmade in lead costumier Lara Skowronska’s workshop in Bristol and can be customised to your hearts content to create something totally bespoke. Also, they are designed to last many festivals, and to fit perfectly & comfortably. This isn’t a ‘throwaway’ festival outfit you could buy in high street shops for £20 that will fall apart after one wear. They’re unique, made-to-order (therefore can be made to your exact size!) and made using the best materials available.

Check out The Costume Shop here!

I can’t wait to see everyone running around Boomtown Fair getting immersed in the storyline! And this year everyone’s going to look extra fantastic in their incredible costumes! 

Only one month to go til the Fair and there are still a few tickets left! What are you waiting for?

All images provided by Boomtown Fair & the Costume Shop. Photography by Robin Morée

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