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Headspace Headdresses – Company Spotlight

I wanted use this blog to talk about a few companies I’ve discovered over my years of festivalling. I’m not one to focus hugely on fashion at festivals, but I do love wearing outfits I wouldn’t in “normal life”, and throwing glitter on every morning (usually to cover the bags under my eyes from the big night before!)

I love the escapism of festivals, and crazy outfits are a key part. Putting on a pair of sparkly leggings, some feathers in my hair, or a sequin bodysuit, gives me a sense of joy and freedom of expression. As such I’ve come to love a number of homegrown festival brands that have sprung up with the culture, and I’ll be featuring them on this blog. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!


Insta: @headspace_headdresses

Etsy: HeadspaceHeaddresses


Headspace Headdresses is run by an incredible lady called Loty who hand makes each headdress in London. What I love about them is how comfy they are. A lot of headpieces I’d tried on at festivals were scratchy, fit too tight and gave me headaches, didn’t feel secure and moved a lot, or constantly felt like they would fall off. HH are made with different bases depending on the style, but they’re all comfortable and easy to secure with gorgeous ribbon ties. I own two of Loty’s awesome designs, one of which was a custom made especially for me, and I loved wearing them at my 2016 festivals! I’m hoping to expand my collection this year. Here’s a few pics of me wearing mine, with bonus Katey wearing her matching one.



I asked Loty to tell me a bit more about how she started Headspace and what will be her next steps…

How did you get into making headdresses?

I studied graphic design at university, I did a fair few handmade projects and have always tried to make something where I could! The truth of the matter is that it was a hobby that got wildly out of control. I basically couldn’t afford a headdress for a festival a couple of years ago, but I really wanted one, so I just glued a load of flowers to a headband. Then my friend who was coming with me liked it so I made her one too. When we came back from the festival I just had this idea to make a big art piece so I made a big gothic-y piece with huge gold horns (terribly). After that I just kept having ideas for random pieces so just started making them, more as art pieces than anything else. Then people slowly were interested in the pieces, and I had to learn how to make them wearable and comfortable. It’s basically just snowballed ever since!

Beautiful jewel tones

Do you do this full time? What inspires you?

I also work at a London advertising agency as a designer. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to balance both passions, however I’m ridiculously organised which helps massively. I also have a lot of drive to keep creating things no matter how much time I have to put in. I love doing both, so I always find the time.

All over the place to be honest, it could be the smallest thing that just sets off an idea. I also draw a lot of inspiration from nature, and at the moment lots of amazing sparkly festival fashion. Sometimes I just see an outfit and design a headdress around that!

Mermaid and Fairy vibes

What’s your process?

I usually have a random idea or theme pop into my head, this could be anything from tropical to gothic, to glittery mermaids. I usually begin the new idea as soon as possible so I can get it out of my system. The first thing I do is search through all of my supplies and get out anything that I think would work in the piece. I will usually pin all the pieces to my wooden manequin head and keep doing this until I think it works! I then create a base for the piece and attach everything bit by bit.

What keeps you motivated?

I just have an unexplained drive to create beautiful things. I’m rarely satisfied which is probably why I will always try and keep creating something unique and different and better than the last piece.

The Gypsy Shrine collab with Sophie Hannah Richardson wearing Space Princess from HH

What’s new for this year?

I’m really excited about being accepted for our first festival stall this summer at Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria, which if you havent heard about it, go check it out! I’ve also just been confirmed to have a stall at Wilderness festival with Loonigans and Winifred Rose.

I’m also doing some great collaborations with people, including The Gypsy Shrine with Sophie Hannah Richardson and Couture Costumes. The thing I love most is seeing people wearing my pieces, it’s really strange to think sometimes, ‘I made that’.

Check out more of Loty’s awesome work at

and @headspace_headdresses on Instagram



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