How to tackle the Glastonbury Resales

People often ask me how I’ve been so lucky to get tickets to Glastonbury every year so far. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, or that there’s a secret ‘hackers’ way to access the ticket page. When I first bought a ticket in 2009, I bought it the day after they went on sale, and they only sold out the day after that. Now, we’re lucky if the festival doesn’t sell out in the first 30 minutes! There’s no denying it’s gotten more and more difficult. However, my friends and I have come up with a ‘system’, and I thought I’d try and describe that system to you, to hopefully help you be successful in April!

Firstly, before we begin, remember that the ONLY place to buy tickets from is Any other website claiming to be selling tickets will be fake. Avoid like the “mud” near the urinals.

Glastonbury Resales: “The Syndicate”

The main thing to take away from this, is that there is safety in numbers. The more friends you “employ” to help you, the more likely it is someone will get through to the ticket page. I usually bribe as many friends as possible with promises of pizza and beer if they help me succeed! The more people, the more devices, the more IP addresses; the better. One quick point, do not use multiple tabs/browsers! It actually hinders your chances rather than helps. One tab and one browser per device is best.

Next step, get organised! It’s true, getting Glasto tickets is both stressful and time consuming. You need to prepare. I organise my friends into “teams” using a shared Google Doc. For the main sale in October, these are teams of 6, and for the resale, teams of 4. Each team has a “team leader”, who is happy to front the payment for each member of their team (some people prefer to collect the money beforehand). Everyone has access to these details on the Doc. Here’s a glance at our shared Doc, please avert your eyes if you are particularly sensitive to Comic Sans or neon rainbow fonts! (this was totally done as a joke but it’s somehow stuck with us)

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.49.41

The idea is that on the day, each team is responsible for making sure everyone on their team is awake and online. Then, if a member of your team gets through to the ticket page, they enter all the registration details of their team, and then call the team leader once they’re through to the payment page. The team leader gives their card details over the phone.


Here is the key point! Once a team has got their confirmation page that tickets have been bought, they don’t just log off, they keep refreshing the page to help the remaining teams in the syndicate. Over the years we’ve realised it seems much more likely for someone to get through to the ticket page again once they’ve done it the first time. So, even when you have tickets confirmed, you continue refreshing, and if you get through a second time, you call the team leader of another team in the syndicate to help them.

This system has helped my group of friends for the past 4 or 5 years. This year we got all 32 of our group tickets in the Main Sale, last year we got 26/32, and the remaining 6 we managed in the April resale. As I said at the beginning, it’s all about numbers. The more people and more devices you can have online trying to access the page, the better. I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on in the resales in a couple of weeks, either on twitter or by leaving a comment!


And remember if you don’t get a ticket, there are still ways to get to the festival!! Consider working with Oxfam Stewards, Festaff, WaterAid, or any of the many volunteering opportunities!


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  1. marianofowlergmailcom says:

    Thanks for posting this … really apreciated
    I want to buy tickets for my brother . He is registered and he is only one person . I need help . I got mine and my friend last October but I have lost his membership number and didn’t have his details last morning and he wasn’t with me . He lives abroad . But if I get tickets for him hell come to visit me and attend the festival .. can you help me ?

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