Oktoberfest Munich – Why the Stoke Campsite is the place to be!

As we come to autumn of 2018, you might be thinking to yourself that the festival fun is all over. I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! The party is just about to get started in Munich for the infamous Oktoberfest which starts on the 20th September and runs through to October 8th. Why not experience the real deal and head to the home of beer, schnitzel and pretzels? My awesome friends at Stoke Travel have the trip all planned out for you. All you have to do is book with them, turn up, and get your drink on! These guys really know how to party, and their campsite is legendary for Oktoberfest craziness. Take a read through this and why not squeeze in one last festival? If you read to the bottom of this post I even have a code for UNLIMITED FREE BEER & SANGRIA at the Stoke party campsite… let that sink in a second, then read on:

Oktoberfest is without a doubt the world’s most famous beer festival. It is held annually over three weeks in Munich, Germany and it attracts people by the thousands. Tourists flock in each year ready to drink stein after stein of pure, unadulterated golden liquid and enjoy the biggest party of their lives. While the festival itself is obviously the main attraction, camp with the right people and you’ll take your time at Oktoberfest to a whole new level.

There are many different companies you can travel to Oktoberfest with, and if you want, you can of course go it solo. If we’re being honest, the truth is there is way more fun in numbers. Stoke Travel is a company that specialises in taking customers to the best, craziest and most wacky European festivals of the summer. Oktoberfest is their biggest and last festival of the year and their campsite attracts up to 2500 punters from all over the world, all rearing and ready to party in a huge way.

One of the many things that makes Stoke Travel so much fun is their campsite. They are renowned for their campsites being ‘a festival within a festival’, and some years there have even been customers that have had so much fun they haven’t even made it to the beer halls! This year will be no different and they have been working super hard all year to make it the biggest and the best one yet. The campsite party will feature bands, a shisha lounge, a magician, a fire eater, a strong man, live nude portraits, glitter (and lots of it), a boob tunnel and of course the famous wheel of misfortune.

To make things super easy and stress free for you, all you have to do is rock up! Stoke offer all inclusive trips meaning your tent, meals and booze at the campsite is all taken care of. The only thing you’re left to do is put on your dirndl or lederhosen, drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of delicious German drinking food and make heaps of new friends. If you’ve never been on a trip with Stoke Travel, prepare yourself for one of the biggest weekends of your life. These guys know how to party and they know how to do it well. One thing we can promise is that you’ll have an amazing time and leave with a sore head and a lot of new facebook friends.

Stoke also have the means to get you from London, Amsterdam, Prague, Italy and Barcelona, which takes even more of the organising off your hands. Pretty much whatever your excuse is, they’ve got you covered. The party never stops, the dance floor is always alive and you only sleep when you absolutely have to. It’s the perfect end to your Euro summer or the best party to get involved in before winter sets in.

This is going to be one festival you really don’t want to miss out on!

Jump on over, check it out and book yourself a trip to Oktoberfest

plus use my code WHERESMYTENT

for free unlimited beer and sangria onsite (usually €10 per day)! What are you waiting for?

This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are real. Stoke Travel are a company I highly recommend. I worked with them on this post to get my readers an awesome deal when they book using my link or code, and in exchange I will earn myself some free alcohol when I head to Stoke’s Springfest in 2019. Thanks!


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