Bailey and her friend linked arms whilst drinking from steins in the bierhall

Springfest Munich with Stoke Travel (Guest Review: Bailey Penrod)

2018 will be a year of firsts for me… most importantly it will be the first year I go abroad for a festival! Until now it’s been purely British soil I’ve pitched my tent on. Tomorrow I head to Snowboxx in the French Alps which is a festival on snow! I have a few other overseas festivals in the pipeline that I won’t reveal yet as they’re not confirmed, but still I’m excited to branch out! One of the places I’ve been desperate to visit is Munich’s Springfest! I’d been told by a few friends who went last year that it’s essentially like the famous Oktoberfest but slightly smaller and less touristy… Sounds right up my street.

My friend Bailey Penrod filled me in on her time there last year; her group had gone with Stoke Travel. I’m hoping I get the time to go this year, if not I’ll be there for 2019 for sure! I asked Bailey to write me a little overview of her time at Springfest, and then I got in touch with Stoke Travel themselves. I managed to get an INCREDIBLE deal for my readers! Read on to hear about Bailey’s experience, then at the bottom of the page you’ll find my booking code to book with. Let’s just say, there is a LOT of free booze involved!

Bailey and friend dressed up with hair in plaits for Springfest in Munich, similar to Oktoberfest

BAILEY: “When my friends first mentioned Springfest, I had no idea what they were talking about because I’ve never heard of it. I soon found out that this festival would be one of the most fun I’d been to; definitely top 5. Springfest is essentially a smaller Oktoberfest, but don’t worry, when I say smaller I mean there will still be tens of thousands of people there for you to have a good time with. What’s not to love? The weather is starting to take a turn for the best, you’re meeting people from all over the world, and there’s plenty of beer to go around!

Bailey pouring a beer bong into a new friend's mouth in the Stoke Travel campsite at Springfest

We opted to stay with a company called Stoke Travel and it’s safe to say that they did not disappoint. From the minute you get there, the team are looking after you, making sure you have the best time, plus the beer and sangria served is UNLIMITED for 10€ extra for each day you stay (JESSI EDIT: NOT FOR MY READERS! Check the end of this post for the sweet free booze deal I got for you guys!)  So of course the campsite was filled with ridiculous games, music, and a lot of bad dance moves. They also offered us free breakfast and dinner, which was definitely necessary the next morning after drinking steins of beer for 12 hours straight.

Lots of yummy, filling food is served from smiling chefs. All included in the price!

The campsite itself is one giant party. From the second you wake up, everyone is already running around in their dirndls and lederhosen while fighting their hangover from the night before with some more beer. Then you head into the festival once you feel more alive (aka once hair of the dog has kicked in!).

Lads with beers in the Stoke Travel Springfest campsite dressed in lederhosen and posing for the camera

The Springfest festival hall bierfest in Munich - people standing on tables and dancing with steins

The fact that we chose to camp with a bunch of people that we didn’t really know (at the beginning) added a lot to our experience at Springfest. By the end of our first night, at the campsite, we were locked arm-in-arm with a bunch of people who were just strangers four hours prior. The campsite is basically a party before and after another party, it’s a great place if you decide to take on this epic bier festival as a solo traveler.

Guys in green lederhosen posing next to a fake gravestone that says RIP Liver on it in the Springfest camp site

I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone that if you are planning on coming to Springfest to buy a dirndl or lederhosen. It won’t be the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll have a good time, but you’ll feel and look the part. I luckily bought the four night package with Stoke, so when I arrived dirndl-less, I was able to get a discount on an outfit!

Bailey's friends all dressed the part in the wooden festival hall with steins of beer in hand cheers - ing to the camera

I don’t want to say that Springfest is better than Oktoberfest, because both are equally amazing in their own ways. But there’s something about Springfest that will keep bringing me back year after year.”

Bailey and her friend linked arms whilst drinking from steins in the bierhall

Springfest with Stoke Travel is only €60 per night and that includes twin share tent, sleeping bag and mattress all ready and waiting for you in the campsite, breakfast and dinner each day and entry to the festival. The only other cost is travel to Munich!

And now for the extra awesome part!

Basically I got in touch with Stoke Travel because I’m trying to arrange time to get to Springfest this year with Bailey and some other friends. Mentioned my blog, and they offered me a booking code which would mean FREE UNLIMITED BEER AND SANGRIA FOR THE WHOLE OF YOUR TRIP! Usually they charge €10 a day for this, so if you go for 4 days that’s a €40 saving, and a whole lot of steins. So to claim this amazing deal:

Jump onto the booking website through THIS link

then in the booking code section, use WHERESMYTENT

Just going to say that one more time…


I’m really hoping I can make it to Springfest this year, but I’ve just started a new job and I’m not yet sure if I have enough holiday/can book the leave. However I will definitely be there in 2019! Steins, lederhosen, schnitzel, campsite parties… You couldn’t keep me away.

Couple standing naked except for their boots facing away from the camera under the Stoke Travel sign

Stoke Travel sent me this pic to use in my blog – says a lot! Haha! So much fun!

This post contains affiliate links. I don’t earn any money from them, just points with the travel company that can go towards rewards of more free booze or an extra day.

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