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Now that 2017’s festival season is almost over (and yes I still have a couple of festival review posts to write!) I’m going to be putting up posts on a few of my favourite artists I’ve discovered through festivals. I just had to start with Too Many T’s who I may have already mentioned once or twice in previous posts 😛 They are two South London dudes named Ross and Leon creating incredible hip hop tunes with the help of their DJ, Savage Henry.

The first time I saw them live was at Glastonbury festival a few years ago; my friend Stafford led us all to the Bimble Inn in the early hours of Saturday morning, promising us a good time, great hip hop and mad beats. He wasn’t lying, that night was epic.

Too Many T's at the Bimble Inn, Glastonbury 2015

The one blurry photo I have from my first time seeing the T’s, Bimble Inn Glasto 2015

Since then I try to catch them whenever I get the chance, which, as I get to a lot of festivals, has been often! You’ll even spot me in their video for new single Hang Tight, which is pretty cool as it was the UK’s first Facebook Live music video. Check it out here (you’ll see me at about 2:30):

I managed to get a few minutes with Ross and Leon to answer some burning questions for Where’s My Tent. I tried to keep it professional but got a little silly in the middle… They’ve met me a few times so I’m sure they were expecting it!

Hey guys! So, your origin story… How did the T’s come to be?

We met when Leon was up at Uni in Leeds and Ross was at college. We used to go to the same funk and hiphop nights in Wakefield and met through being some of the only (wannabe) rappers in the area. We made a couple tunes and stayed in touch when Ross moved to Bristol. A few years later we both ended up in Camberwell, South London and started jamming a lot more. We did a couple gigs at open mic that went that well we thought shit, we need a name for this and Too Many T’s was born!

Too Many T's performing at Omera in London for Beans On Toast

Who were/are your influences? Would you say your music taste has evolved?

Ross: through my brother whose a turntablist, I’ve always been into old school and underground hiphop. Edan is my fave rapper, Dangermouse my fave producer. My taste has more or less stayed the same in hiphop. But I listen to much more soul, trip-hop and and smooth funky stuff these days as well!
Leon: I grew up on RnB and always loved Usher and that scene – then discovered Biggie and Eminem which led me to rapping. These days I listen to all sorts. MJ is my ultimate fave tho always!

I’m at a festival, and I’m trying to convince my friends to come with me to see the T’s. How should I describe your music and live show?

“It’s the most energetic performance of music that you didn’t realise you liked that you’ll ever see!”

[Jessi: they’re not wrong! Two guys rapping and a DJ has never sounded better, I can 100% guarantee you a good time]

Leeds festival BBC Introducing stage 2017 Too Many T's smiling by their name on the poster

Were you big festival attendees before you were being offered artists spots?

Nope!! Went to a handful between us, we were pretty new to festivals until 5 years ago when we did 6 in a year… then 10… then 15… then 22 – starting to feel pretty good at em now!!

And how about now? What has been your favourite festival to perform at?

Shambala is our fave festival. Just the perfect size, vibe and bunch of people. Bestival is our festival home though as we’ve played every year for the past 5. It always comes down to individual shows though – ones that stick with us are: the first time at Fieldview, main stage Bestival 2014, and Shambala this year (amongst about 10 other bangers!)

Too Many T's onstage at the Dance Off stage secret garden party hip hop duo

Can you spot me in this photo? Photo credit: Jenna Foxton

What would your dream festival line up be?

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Arctic Monkeys, Beastie Boys, Prodigy, Anderson .Paak, Jurassic 5, Aphex Twin, Foreign Beggars, DJ Yoda, Sea Sick Steve, Beans On Toast, Steve n Seagulls, Edan, Slamboree, us & all our mates!!!

Which Disney character do you most identify with?

Well Leon looks like Lord Farquaad haha. But Baloo from Jungle Book is a chiller like Leon. I (Ross) like Abu the monkey from Aladdin, he’s a don!

Too Many T's at Bestival not he Bollywood stage

What’s your go-to Domino’s pizza order?

Sam (Savage Henry) our DJ has them on speed dial and quite a few preferences. Anything stuffed crust… or even better, a proper pizza! 😉

And finally, what were your 2017 festival highlights? Any tours coming up?

We still have Bestival left!! Highlights of the summer were Shindig, the last ever SGP, Reading/Leeds (for the BBC goodness we’ve got out of it, not the actual festival, it could have a bit more soul!) and Shambala – always great. Shout to Mostly Jazz in Brum and Sunflower in Belfast that were also real nice and rootsy!

Our album is out on the 15th September, and we’ll be touring for that October & November. Come see a show!

Tour poster for Too Many T's autumn October November tour dates South City album

Buy tickets to Too Many T’s UK tour on Bandsintown

You’ll find me at the 8th November London Oslo show!

Too Many T's on stage hip hop UK south london

Too Many T’s on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds 2017:

Check out Too Many T’s on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter





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