Three girls in Burnt Soul Clothing catsuits - two green and one silver. Shiny glittery onesies.

Burnt Soul – Company Spotlight

Ever dreamed of being a superhero? I know I have. A glittery neon superhero that is! You can just imagine my amazement when I spotted a few beautiful ladies cavorting around festivals in shiny lycra catsuits then! They pointed me to Burnt Soul Clothing, a brand run by two amazing ladies (Robyn & Anna) from Bristol who make bodysuits, catsuits, leggings and other tight-attire, originally aimed at the festival fashion market but have since made waves in the dance/circus clothing circles and many others. Celebrities have been spotted wearing Burnt Soul, and they ship worldwide to their adoring fans. READ ON because I’ve been given a 10% off discount code for all my lovely readers!

The Burnt Soul Clothing logo - catsuits, bodysuits, bespoke festival fashion

All Burnt Soul pieces are designed and made in the UK, and they’re aiming for zero waste in their production. This means pieces are made in small runs to demand, and they also partner with other brands to recycle their scrap pieces of fabric. One such brand is the amazing Headspace Headdresses who I’ve done a spotlight on before!

Rosie Dwyer wearing Burnt Soul catsuits in silver and purple matching Headspace Headdresses

I managed to sneak some time with the very busy duo, Robyn & Anna, to interview them about their lycra revolution. Read on to hear about their fabulous brand, and also to hear details on the super exciting news that they’re launching size XL (UK size 16) for this summer! I got to try on a sample catsuit in this new size and can confirm they fit INCREDIBLY! I’ve already put an order in for mine! Read on to see photos of me in the sample Rainbow number I tried on at the Grab The Hangar event, and you’ll definitely see some photos of me wearing my new one this summer on WMT’s Instagram.

Gorgeous blonde model wearing a green snakeskin lycra catsuit posing in sunglasses in front of an old Cadillac car for Burnt Soul Clothing

Hi both! Lovely to meet you!

Let’s start off with you giving a little intro. Who are you and what is Burnt Soul Clothing?

Hey! We’re Robyn & Anna, the main two ladies behind Burnt Soul! Robyn founded the brand in 2012, and Anna joined the team back in 2015. We’re two Bristol girls who love a festival, and love our fair share of glitter and dressing up! Burnt Soul is the brand fueling the lycra revolution and creating a new kind of uniform for adventure seekers, sparklers, and rebels from Bristol to all of the world. Designed and made in Bristol, our stretchy numbers are panelled and shaped to contour your figure and give you killer hourglass curves. Worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus, by Spice Girls, Poppy Delevingne, & Alessandra Ambrosio, in the pages of Cosmopolitan and AnOther Mag, and on stages and TV shows worldwide – our catsuits and bodysuits have been on some super exciting adventures! 

How did Burnt Soul come about?

Burnt Soul came about really organically, Robyn started making her own festival outfits after feeling uninspired by the options available to her – she wanted to be able to wear a catsuit that she felt confident in and flattered her shape! Things caught on, friends started requesting them… and the rest is history! 

What inspires you the most?

Every season there are always different influences – but on the whole we find our customers themselves are the ones who inspire us more than anything else. Most of all our main focus is making super special pieces that give everyone mega confidence and makes them feel amazing! This is the first thought and our main consideration in the design process. Then after that… it’s got to be 70s disco and the freedom (and the partying) of that era! 

Have you always been a big festival goer?

We didn’t grow up on the festival fields, but they’ve pretty much been our Summer plans ever since discovering them! 

What’s your favourite festival and why?

It’s got to be Shambala – the crowd is just so incredible – and we LOVE a good dress up! Everyone gets so involved, it’s such an amazing vibe there, and they’ve got such a good eco ethos too which we’re big supporters of!

Tell me your most ridiculous/funny festival story…?

Not sure the most ridiculous ones can be share on here!! 

People buy your Lycra loveliness from all over the world now! And not just for festivals! What’s been one/some of your favourite custom orders/collaborations?

One of our favourite things we’ve discovered through Burnt Soul is the hooping and aerial performance community we’ve got around us! We had NO idea people could bend, spin and fly like that – and feel super lucky to get to see our clothes being worn in such amazing ways (and fully putting the stretch to the test too!).

Our best custom order has got to be a human mirrorball suit we made a couple of years ago for Miley Cyrus, it totally hand tiled over the course of a week (with some very long days and some very special helpers plied with wine and smarties!!). It was a total labour of love, but one of the most amazing and surreal feelings to see her going out on stage in it night after night on tour!

The gorgeous @theglitterygoose wearing a catsuit made from a Dazzle & Jolt print, and also check out @charliiamlegend in the sequin long sleeve!

I’m so excited that you’re expanding your size range to go up to size 16 this year! I can’t wait to rock a Burnt Soul catsuit at festivals this summer. When will these be available?

We’re so excited too! It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for the longest time, it was just difficult to offer such a wide range when we were just starting out. We’re now offering a wider range – from a UK size 4 up to a UK size 16,  they’re currently made on request, but we’re doing our best to get stock items ready to send out as soon as they’re ordered over the Summer period! 

I just got my new Headspace Headdresses piece in the post, the Posie Disco Monster! I hear Loty used Burnt Soul scraps to make them? Such a cool way of using material that would otherwise be binned!

Yes! It’s something we feel really passionately about. Fashion can be incredibly wasteful, and it doesn’t always have the best environmental rep… which is something we want to change! All our scraps from studio production are recycled back into other projects, whether it’s headdresses, bralettes, bum bags, we’ve got a whole load of incredible partners who give new life to what we have left over.

Two long girls in Burnt Soul Clothing Kids catsuits (pink, purple and blue coloured) playing with bubbles

Will you have a stall at any festivals this summer?

We will at one or two… but we’re mainly doing pop ups in stores and focusing our attention on bringing you guys amazing designs and keeping you guys in lycra and sequins worldwide! We’re also really looking forward to getting our kids festival wear out there this Summer, so watch out for us at a couple of family friendly spots too! We may be at one or two for some down time ourselves 😉 

If you could only ever wear one fancy dress outfit to any party, festival or event for the rest of your life what would you choose?

BIG question!! Robyn made a disco ball helmet for a Shambala one year… I think it might have to be a human disco ball. Allllways the sparkliest in the room! 

Thanks girls for answering my questions! xxx

Check out Burnt Soul’s website and Instagram to see more of their beautiful pieces!


The lovely ladies at burnt soul have given me a 10% off promo code for my readers to use on their site! For 10% off their entire full price range, use code:


Grab the Hangar Pop Up Festival Fashion Event – Shoreditch, London 10th May 2018

On the 10th May I headed to Grab The Hangar‘s pop up festival fashion event in Shoreditch. I met some amazing people, and lusted over lots of gorgeous festival brands including Loonigans, Poca London, Shine Shack… and of course Headspace Headdresses. I had an incredible time! But the best part was getting to be the test dummy for a sample of the new Burnt Soul Clothing size XL! They’d brought a Rainbow Jewel catsuit especially for me to try on and test the fit. Well, I can tell you that I loved it! And have ordered myself a custom catsuit for my festival frolics! I will say, because I am still really not body confident, I’ve gone for a darker colour one than you see me in here. But I’m learning to love my curves and this catsuit definitely made me feel the bomb!

And because it was such a fantastic event, I thought I’d share a couple more photos!

The gorgeous Jess from Dazzle & Jolt and I wearing Headspace Headdresses, and Luisa suitably stunned looking at shiny Burnt Soul catsuits!

The gorgeous Jess from Dazzle & Jolt and I wearing Headspace Headdresses, and Luisa suitably stunned looking at shiny Burnt Soul catsuits!

Jade is sat in front of a mirror with a table full of paint phone cases, wearing a sparkly sequins top, and Loty is wearing a pink t-shirt and silver handmade crown smiling stood outside at Grab The Hangar event

The beautiful @JadeLaurice live painting bespoke phone cases at the event, and the gorgeous Loty of @headspaceheaddresses showing off her glorious crown

15 thoughts on “Burnt Soul – Company Spotlight

    • wheresmytent says:

      Right? It always makes me so much happier to buy when I know the company is aiming for zero waste/has sustainability as a priority.

    • wheresmytent says:

      You know what I totally agree. But I will say the one I tried on was super stretchy and definitely more of a 16-18, also I spoke to them and understood when they said it’s difficult to pattern Lycra into plus sizes because the wrong cut can be so unflattering on people, and their whole mission is to make people feel amazing. Plus size people can carry their weight in many different ways, it’s hard to standardise, especially in a super stretchy yet hug every curve material. They’re going to try though! And told me they’ll be working on patterning another size up after the summer season was over. It just might take a while.

    • Robyn Burnt Soul says:

      Hey! We totally agree too!! We’re also trying to make the switch over to number sizing rather than XS,S,M,L,Xl etc… it worked when we were small and just starting out but as we grow we don’t think it’s a positive way to look at sizing. Watch this space ?

  1. Anosa says:

    Oh wow! I loved reading the interview, my sister is someone also know loves to make her own stuff if she doesn’t like whats on the market

    • wheresmytent says:

      They’re very stretch Linda! You just pull down the shoulders, down to your knees and hold it there! easy as pie!

  2. Kirsty says:

    The prints look very fun and the lyrca would be great for keeping you cool and moving free when at a festival. I can see how these will appeal a lot to the fashion lovers. It’s amazing how people can be so creative.

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