First drawing of my Glastonbury festival tattoo design

I Finally Got a Festival Tattoo…

In the run up to festival season I’ve been getting ready in some unorthodox ways. Two days ago I travelled to Coventry with gorgeous twins Abi & Hannah to get my first festival-related ink.


For years I’ve wanted a tattoo to represent my love of festivals, but a lot of the ideas I came across just weren’t very “me”. I’d thought about the Glastonbury logo, or maybe one of the tshirt designs, or even just a giant tent, but none of them fit my aesthetic.

Through an online community I’d heard about the artist Joanne Baker and had followed her work on Instagram (@milky_tattoodles) for a long time. Her watercolour work is just divine, and her designs are always so unique.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 22.08.33.png

Very luckily for me, about a month ago, these two things collided! I won an Instagram competition that Joanne ran, and it dawned on me that she has the perfect style I had been waiting for for a Glastonbury/festivals tattoo; bright, bold and unique. I spoke to an illustrator I met through the Glasto Chat facebook group who had entered a design into the Yeo Valley tote bag competition the year before. Her name is Helen Lucy, and when I asked for help with the design she was incredible. Here’s her original drawing:

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 22.13.07.png

I sent Helen’s original drawing to Joanne and she put her spin on it. I was so excited waiting to see what she would come up with, but the final design blew me away more than I ever thought possible. It was so perfect I almost cried when I received the design at work!


So on the 16th May myself and my two awesome friends Hannah & Abi made our way to Grizzly’s Art Collective in Coventry for a day of tattoos. Abi got a gorgeous Princess Leia tattoo to match one she had done last year of Rey, and Hannah had her crow rejuvenated and had a new beautiful twin hare tattoo. Here’s a few photos of our day including some post-tattoo cocktails with Joanne.

Thank you so much to both Joanne and Helen for your amazing art and talents, and to Abi and Hannah for joining me on our fun day out!

And finally, here it is, the finished product! Let me know what you think in the comments!

(it’s freshly done in this picture, so it’s a little bleedy! Will post a healed picture in a few weeks)



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