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It’s got to be said that there’s a lot of glitter brands out there now. Instagram is obsessed with the sparkly stuff, it occupies every feed… or maybe that’s just mine 😉 I love the creativity of these brands, and some of the smaller UK-based ones are really catching my eye. One such brand is Kiss & Glitter, run by the lovely Sophie right here in London! I got in contact with her to ask her some questions about the brand, and get a peek into her world of sparkles. She even gave me an exclusive HUGE discount for all my readers! So read on!


So, Sophie, how did you get into the world of glitter?

Sitting in a tent-turned-dressing room on the third of five nights in Germany at Melt festival, I fully uncovered the depths of my love of glitter. My best friend turned to me, after over half an hour of carefully and silently applying all the shimmer, shine and sparkle we had, and said in all seriousness ‘I think we need MORE glitter!’

How right she was, and Kiss & Glitter has been founded on this exact principle; that too much Glitter is no where near enough and that there is never a bad time to be absolutely covered in the stuff!

After a few years of being an avid user of this magical crystal confetti I decided to take the matter into my own hands and create Kiss & Glitter so that no one I know would ever go without glitter again. I really just wanted a creative outlet, seeing how much other people enjoy it and having worked a little as a face painter I enjoyed the experience.

As I am living in London in a small flat with minimal funds to set up a company, this was a unique pocket size business I could run from my own home and enjoy at the same time. At the moment I still work full time but I hope, and I really would love, to work full time with K&G.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people around me who are incredibly driven and have taken chances and risks, and did what they wanted to do. I have some friends who set up a pajama company Desmond & Dempsey… Definitely check them out as they are gorgeous. They have only been going about 3/4 years and are just so brave and are doing incredibly well. I also have a friend Sabrina who works as a marketing manager for RCA Sony and took some real chances to get where she is, which is super impressive, and I’ve watched a friend of a friend Sarah McBriar move from working at Block 9 at Glastonbury to found her own music festival AVA bringing a music scene to Northern Ireland. Her success and groundbreaking female management has really been inspiring.

So I guess it is people who have been successful because they worked for it and obviously the music industry, and being fun and silly as well!


Tell us your festival story! Where have you been? Which was your favourite?

Yes, obviously I love festivals! Been to quite a few different ones which is great. I’ve been to Exit in Serbia which is brilliant and quite spectacular, the moat/dance arena might be one of the best stages of a festival I’ve seen.

I’ve been to Glastonbury a few times and of course absolutely love it. Creamfields a few years back, Dimensions in Croatia which is cool but it felt a little too cool for me, but the boat parties were brilliant. But my all time favourite festival is Melt just outside Berlin which we are going to again this year. It is set on a ‘tear shape’ island in a flooded quarry which is used as an outdoor museum for mining equipment. It’s beautiful, so well run, efficient, clean, happy, easy going and with incredible line ups. They put on a really interesting headliner each year with incredible stage shows, first year we saw Modeselector, last time it was Deichkind and this year will be Die Antwoord; they just do some crazy shit it is brilliant. – I am very jealous of your European festivals! I’m using 2018 (as it’s a Glastonbury fallow year) to hopefully tackle those!


Which famous person would you most like to glitter up?

I love the idea of glittering up someone who would look so out of place with loads of glitter on, someone like Theresa May hahaha! Or maybe just someone with an incredible face like Christopher Walken or Adrian Brody. – I have to say, T-May in glitter would be hilarious.

Finally, just how much glitter do you have to hoover up each week?

Sooooooo much glitter… Had to ask for a handheld hoover for a Christmas present and am sad to say I bloody love it! But we have kind of learned to live with it now. The house is just a bit shiny!

Instagram Competition!


Want to win some free glitter? I’ve got one of these gorgeous “Icons Collection” sets by Kiss & Glitter to give away over on the Where’s My Tent? instagram page!

Click here for the giveaway post


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or if you just can’t wait…

Super Mega Discount Code!

Sophie is an incredible babe and has sorted out a whopping 50% discount code for all Where’s My Tent? readers! You can get super festival sparkly for a fraction of the price!

Just log on to the Kiss & Glitter website and in checkout, enter the code:


I can’t wait to see all your sparkly creations! Go forth and glitter up! XX


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